The Divine Apocalypse Series

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Manhattan can be a dangerous place, but when inner demons are given life taking the A train is suicide.

The Divine Apocalypse Series

The Divine Apocalypse Series is an apocalyptic horror fantasy written like a superhero’s soap opera. In La’Von Gittens’ first urban fantasy explores the horror words can create. Through monsters and epic battles, this piece of speculative fiction explores the connections between religion and mental illness. Characters struggle to keep their sanity in a world where you don’t only face your inner demons, you smash them into a red paste. 


The Divine Universe  

Much is lost as the hands of time filter through existence but history echoes as all myths have a seed of truth. Before time was created there were many great celestial beings; they were the authorities that governed the nothingness that was. As a muddy ball of bacteria grew, thus became life and the celestial beings nourished that life. They were called “gods”, “aliens”, but above all “masters.” Each of them favored life for their own reasons.

Uncharted territory, the divinities traveled to Earth and did as they wished.  Earth life was an extraordinary catastrophe that ended so shortly after it begun. Soon, it was undeniable that there was too little life to share among the vast powers. With the creation of Man, the celestials were awed. Never had they witnessed beings other than them with the power of will. All life had essences, but humanity had souls. They had a conscience, willpower, and the ability to love. Humans were cosmically weak but experienced in a way Gods could not. Life was limited and that made every second important. Celestials wanted to taste that experience. They wanted to feel blood rush inside of them when excited.

51qoqHpc1rL._SR600,315_PIWhiteStrip,BottomLeft,0,35_PIStarRatingFOUR,BottomLeft,360,-6_SR600,315_ZA(28 Reviews),445,291,400,400,arial,12,4,0,0,5_SCLZZZZZZZ_Some honored humanity as a sacred resource, while others regarded them as playthings. Many were envious and took the sons and daughters of man to bed. They raped the things that crawled and the things that grew. All life was subject to otherworldly manipulation. But there was just not enough. The division of powers fermented the many aligned Heavens against the various adjoined Hells.

Unholy unions created abominable creatures; supernatural beings were neither alive nor dead. Thousands of variations existed and some were worshiped on Earth as Gods. Others, less fortunate spirits were revered as mutants, trolls, and dwarfs.

For a time they ravaged humanity until the great flood. 

War had tipped in the favor of the aligned Heavens and the adjoined Hells were forced into hiding. Celebration through the birth of Jesus Christ’s and blessings decreed to protect the Earth for 2000 years after his death. Now that the treaty is broken this dark soil falls into unbiased grounds and awaits the successor of the new battle.

Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End

Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End is an urban fantasy that follows the lives of four unique angels that are reincarnated as humans. Unlike any angel before them, these four now possess human souls but have no memory of the eons they experienced. As the most powerful angels in the universe, they form the Alpha Omega. Now, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael live as Neil Qi, Aurora Haith, Ezekiel Wallace, and Amanda Randal, humans bestowed with extraordinary abilities but cursed with the task of saving the Earth from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. However, with no memories of the past and the stress of their full time human lives, can they really save the world?

Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End by LaVon Gittens
Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End by LaVon Gittens

Paranoia. Delusion. Anxiety. Loneliness. Living in the cutthroat city of Manhattan can feel like a daily war. But when the new year rekindles the ageless clash between Heaven and Hell, four angels born as men are awakened. Neil Maillen, a young and successful journalist, prepares for the birth of his son and a stressful new life when he discovers he possesses superhuman abilities.

As a Sacred Angel, he teams up with Aurora, a sassy model, Amanda, a batty blonde and Ezekiel, a self-conscious artist to form the Alpha Omega, the fist of God.
Dragged into a terrifying reality of demons, monsters and mystifying strangers, it is suddenly their responsibility to defeat the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. As Heaven and Hell use Earth as a battleground, can the four save the World while battling their even more ferocious inner demons?

Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of The End by LaVon Gittens 

Reviews of Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End

Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End: Lavon Gittens

Four young people thrown together by fate or is it just because they have special powers bestowed upon them that they never knew they had. Four angels that have been ordered to take down the Four Horsemen before the world comes to an end. One is a reporter, one a model who is quite vain, another an artist the fourth a bipolar blonde. Neil the reporter and journalist are about to become a father. Dealing with this is difficult enough no less having superpowers. A newly ordained you might say Sacred Angel he is now forced to work with Aurora and vain, smart and self-absorbed model that lets readers know appearances matter. Amanda the bipolar blonde and Ezekiel, an artist who is self-conscious. Together all four form the Descended Radiance: the fist of God and are mentored and trained by believe it or not a nun.

Hoping to deal with delusions, paranoia, fear, anxiety and worse loneliness the four band together to prevent what the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have set in place. Each of the four tries to stop what has been set in place but the food supply has been affected, lives have been lost and the seen with Ezekiel and his father is frightening as his father is cruel and abusive and Ezekiel takes action but is it real? The divide between Heaven and Hell is there and the battleground is the Earth.

Poor Aurora lost her job thanks to Moira the nun for some reason she needed to teach her a lesson. Absorbed in her appearance and making sure that she always looks her best she even dresses to the hilt for training but when faced with adversity she and Neil manage to take down the enemy but the scenes are hilarious at times and you wonder if these four will ever finish what they have been challenged to do. The author shares their pasts, their visions that they see and the horrors that come into view as they tackled their enemies. As Neil hopes to be a part of his child’s life he is busy trying to save the world but cannot tell anyone. Aurora has a new job but gets sidetracked to help Neil out of a bind. Ezekiel is having trouble facing what he thinks he did to his father and has to find some semblance in his life. Amanda is smart to a point yet naïve.

Thinking that her boyfriend wanted to marry her and Aurora confiding in her roommate about her powers just might place them all in danger. Ezekiel is the Angel of Death and the dreams and visions of his father are frightening and the threats to his mother even more. As Neil is in danger when Odium comes to hunt him down, what happens lets readers know that their powers are greater when the four work together? Neil gets hurt but the other three come to his aid but things are about to spiral out of control.

Each one experiences something else and each one has their own visions and as you hear what happens the author vividly describes each event which takes the Angel somewhere else yet when waking up no one else is there. Their powers are explained and their fears quite real but what the author has planned for them you won’t see coming. Fighting the Four Horsemen and heeding Moira’s warning as Aurora reads her carvings we learn what is really set out for them. As their visions are real and become realities and each one has to fight off their own demons, one finds it necessary to kill off someone in order to protect someone else.

Fran Lewis; Just Reviews/ MJ Magazine


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