Keyword Research for Resturant’s Website Content

Your business' website is a star among a limitless universe. Without proper navigation, your shine will get lost in the vastness of the world wide web. The placement of the proper keywords in your content is vital to your websites ranking and visibility to your customers. Knowing what keywords to use will guide your target... Continue Reading →


Tips For New Writers

Writers like clams are tough on the outside, sensitive on the inside and can take years to produce a pearl. Famous writers like Ernest Hemmingway, Edgar Allen Poe, and Virginia Woolf were all said to struggle with their idiosyncrasies. Even smaller writers like LaVon Gittens, founder of NoVal Publishing in Los Angeles and author of... Continue Reading →

SEO Term Dictionary

SEO and SEM Dictionary When stepping into the world of internet marketing it's easy to get lost in a forrest of terms and words that you have never heard before. To help you get started on your SEO adventure I've included this SEO dictionary that will familiarize you with these words so you understand them... Continue Reading →

3 Key On-Site Optimizations Every Website Needs

Years ago business owners used keywords as breadcrumbs to lead their customers to your website, however, nowadays the cyber forest is thick with so much clutter that your website can get lost in the brush. Google and other search engine results pages have formulated secretive algorithms to keep Website Realtors and SEO Specialists from creating... Continue Reading →

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