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Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul

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Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul, is an emotional and informative guide that exposes overlooked truths about gay culture.
Homosexuality is a highlighted topic surrounded by stigma. Controversy behind the subject can cause extreme violence and even suicide; especially in youths. Homophobia, like any irrational fear, can be medicated with knowledge. Through education, lives can be saved.
Shame comes from ignorance. Some think that homosexuality is unnatural or harmful. Little know that the pink triangle was by Nazis to brand homosexuals or that the first director of the FBI was a gay man. Mainstream media ignores important facts that might promote understanding and self-worth. This volume is the first to collect a series of rare referenced facts and blend them with personal coming out stories and art. Chicken Caesar Salad For the Gay Soul does not perform as a “how to be gay guide”, but a cure to ignorance and a branch to acceptance.

Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul Reviews


Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul: La’Von Gittens

How would you define who you are? A person is defined as a human being, whether an adult or child yet females and males are definitely different. If you look in a mirror and really look past your image what do you see? Who do you see? When people focus on you do they just see your outer image or do they really see you and who you are?

There are many young men and women that feel like they are not part of anything or any one group. Some feel isolated and others just prefer to be alone. Why? When you think about it there might be reasons that society places restrictions, rules, and definitions of their own as to what they think people should be, how they should act and even whom they should marry or be close to. “ Memories are our defining roots. All my life I’ve felt like an outsider, even in my own house. It took a long time. I never really understood my awkwardness. I just knew that I was different.” ( in the author’s own words.) Within this introduction titled “Why Should I Read this Book,” the author explains and expresses his feelings and relates that with the coming out or release of this book he is telling the world that he is a homosexual man to his family and the entire world. This book will empower those that need guidance, understanding and support to finally address their real inner self you might say or how they too can understand that being Gay is who they are and understand more about it, the history, the biology and the culture will help as the author with the help of his friend Leo the Lion, will guide you all the way.

Chapter One is titled: What is Gay? What I loved about this chapter it begins with Leo and how he will guide you on your journey as he did me. Plus, the inclusion in each chapter of an anonymous blogger who explains when he or she realized who they are and describes how they came out. The poem related by the blogger will enlighten readers and explain how he felt when he first knew and how and when he decided to come out. On page 7 the author begins with “ In modern culture, the term “Gay” strikes an uncomfortable chord within most. Sometimes, used as an insult these three? Letters can raise such emotion that it could provoke psychological damage or a violent response.” A person’s sexual orientation is their physical and emotional allure that gears hormonal needs towards either men or women. The author elaborates even further on page 8 and then continues by explaining that there is no Gay Test. If can feel a deep connection to anyone of any gender. Leo says it all: Sexuality is fluid and you don’t have to choose! Appreciating beauty in the human body just ways you have good taste. Are you gay because you know you look good? Not necessarily.” Leo is really wise. The author goes on to explain many definitions and terms that everyone needs to understand on pages 9- 13 which includes Asexual, ally and even bisexual and many other words commonly used and yet misunderstood. This glossary of words will help readers understand the specific needs and concerns related to each individual identity. On page 13 the author includes another Blogger’s story and how his cousin started asking him about this new club that was opened or a gay club. The answers and her response is quite compelling telling him it was time to tell his family and why. Chapter 2 focuses on What is natural and the author includes research by Biologist Janet Mann and a celebrity quote by Stephen Fry. Each chapter has a celebrity quote and each one expresses how the celebrity views the main focus of this outstanding book.

Added in the author includes that the animal community also has a variety of sexualities. Some animals even change their gender at will. This is explained in detail on pages 17- 18, which continues with what the author relates as The Gay Brain within this same chapter citing research by LeVay and Ivanka Savie and Per Lindstrom. Kinsey’s research is the most extensive and what is really interesting is the quote on page 24 by Drew Barrymore and the piece by the anonymous blogger that stress how this young man realized that he was attracted to as he puts it dues and how he felt his head was messed up and the rest you need to learn for yourself as he includes another piece by someone else on pages 27-28 focusing on the topic: When Did you Know? Chapter four required a lot of research as the author relates how different countries deal with homosexuality like Africa, America, East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. This chapter is quite interesting and explains how each area of the world deals with this issue. Next the author focuses on Religion. Buddhism is the first religion and the author sites that “ Buddhism supports elevating past the need of all sensual desires which includes both homosexual and heterosexual desires.” Next is Christianity, which has many branches, and all believe the Bible is their holiest test. There are many different translations, version and edits that have been made to the Bible and on page 43 the author quotes Genesis 1:28. He quotes Leviticus 18: 22 and Deuteronomy 14: 9-1-: These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters all that have fins and scales shall yet eat: And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat, it is unclean unto you.” With most things the Bible is left to be interpreted by those who choose to read it. The author includes three interesting quotes from our guide Leo the Lion: One states: Because of the social highlights on the gay moment it is regularly forgotten or ignored that the Bible also says: These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: Whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the sea, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat. The remainder is quoted on pages 44-45. In page 51 the anonymous blogger’s piece will bring tears to your eyes when you read his words. Chapter Five focuses on Homophobia and the Power of Fear, 8 common gay myths and Gone too soon, which is the story behind why one young man decided life was too hard and too difficult. Read the suicide note and decide if anyone could have stopped him or tried to help. Bullies are another focus and a quote from Howard Stern completes the chapter along with more entries by anonymous bloggers. Chapter 6 is titles Mainstream Gayness and he includes Gay Stereotypes often portrayed in the media on pages 83- 85 and then a glossary of Gay Slang which includes; Bareback: Unprotected sex, Raw: unprotected sex and YAZ/YES: a general sign of approval. Gay Icons on pages 88- 98 and a celebrity quote from Whoppi Goldberg. The final chapter is titled: AM I GAY?

Answering this last question is not easy but the author describes many ways to look at this question as he aptly states: It is natural for many heterosexual men to sometimes have male fantasies or even get aroused through male interaction.” The author continues by stating, “Honesty and bravery are key when answering this question.” The next piece by the anonymous blogger will open up new worlds of understanding for many young men and women and parents in order to support their son or daughter who has decided to express their feelings to them in an honest way. Safe sex is the key and discussed within the next few pages with another piece on how to deal with closeness with a male and your right to speak out. Finally, Leo states his definition of when you should be in a closet on page 105 closing the book on a really special note and welcoming all readers, bloggers and everyone: Welcome to the Pride!

The reference section is quite large and the book contains research, information and much more that will help those that are uninformed understand more about gay men and women and help parents, teachers, friends, clergymen, pastors, guidance counselors and family members to give these people their love and support. Well written from the author’s point of view with celebrity quotes, blogger entries and research author LaVon Gittens hits the mark quite high. Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul is a definite must read! Everyone has the right to be who he or she is and be with the one person that makes him or her feel complete.

Let’ give this Five Golden Stars.

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