Who is LaVon Gittens?

LaVon Gittens is an accomplished author and speaker who writes about various topics, including the end times and sexuality. Gittens is the author of the adult Urban fantasy series “Divine Apocalypse” and the self-help guide “Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul.” 

“Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End” by La’Von Gittens 

His first novel, “Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End.” Gittens begins the explosive series by exploring the possibility of an apocalypse and how it might play out through the lens of Christian mythology. He also examines such an event’s religious and spiritual aspects and the metaphorical and literal messages stated within historical texts. 

Gittens draws on various sources, including the Bible, to support his arguments. He also uses personal anecdotes and stories to illustrate his points. “Divine Apocalypse” is informative and thought-provoking as the horrific tale examines intense psychological, social, political, and even sexual themes as the series continues. 

Gittens’ book is a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about the end times. He provides a clear and concise overview of what the Bible says about this vital subject. His book is also a valuable resource for adult urban fantasy horror fans interested in apocalyptic or speculative fiction. 

In this book, four New Yorkers discover they are reincarnated angels and must use their powers to save the world from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and other demons while maintaining their secret human identities. Like average New Yorkers, the four angels struggle with their careers, relationships, and personal traumas; however, the world’s future is on their shoulders, and they are on the frontline of a nightly war, covered in blood. 

The series expands on eschatology as the books continue.   

Eschatology is the study of the end times, and specifically the end of the world. It is a branch of theology that deals with humanity’s final destiny and the nature of the afterlife. Eschatology is often concerned with questions such as the nature of the Messiah, the Tribulation, the Resurrection, the Second Coming, and the Last Judgment. These books also include other religions and themes as the series advances. 

“Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul” by LaVon Gittens

Gittens also wrote the self-help guide, “Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul,” which focuses on helping LGBTQIA people, their families and friends overcome adversity and lead successful lives. The book covers topics such as coming out, dealing with discrimination, and finding happiness and fulfillment in life. This guide and a collection of colorful poetry, true stories, informative essays, personal experiences, and scientific data. Also, Gittens provides readers with practical advice and tips that he has learned from his own life experiences. He also includes inspiring quotes and references from political activists, scientists, celebrities and everyday people who have overcome challenges and found success. 

LA Comic Con 2022

LaVon Gittens will be selling his books at Comic Con LA 2022! He will have a wide variety of books for sale, ranging from his new book, “Divine Apocalypse: The Beginning of the End,” “Divine Apocalypse: Addiction and Clearing,” “Divine Apocalypse: Attis,” and his self-help book “Chicken Caesar Salad for the Gay Soul.” He will also have a special edition of feather pens and other exclusive merchandise that you can only get at Comic-Con LA 2022!  So if you’re a fan of LaVon Gittens, be sure to stop by his booth and pick up a copy of one (or all!) of his books!

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