Keyword Research for Resturant’s Website Content

Your business’ website is a star among a limitless universe. Without proper navigation, your shine will get lost in the vastness of the world wide web. The placement of the proper keywords in your content is vital to your websites ranking and visibility to your customers. Knowing what keywords to use will guide your target market directly to your website which in turn will increase your business. SEO content writers who specialize in restaurant and other boutique businesses have the experience and tools to find out which keywords are most meaningful to your business. Contact us for a free price quote or continue reading for a free option.

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Using Google Keyword Planner For Easy Keyword Research

Keyword Planner is a free and easy tool used by both professionals and SEO newbies alike. This program can suggest keywords that are relevant to your business as well as track the keywords that you do use so you can test their effectiveness. Keyword Planner is essential for understanding how much of your marketing budget you could put toward that ad.

How to Use Keyword Planner

As previously stated, Keyword Planner is a free service to sign up for. Once you download Google Adwords, Keyword Planner will be available in the menu. Once you type in your business the tool will suggest keywords. For your resturant business Keyword Planner may suggest things like “menu”, “near me”. “fine dining”. “fast food”, or “Los Angeles, California”. Keyword Planner shows the number of searches that keyword has, as well as a suggested bid amount.

Time Relevancy of Keywords

Like most things, certain keywords depreciate over time. So it is important not to waste alot of money on a word that may not be relevant in the next few months. For this reason, most people tend to stay away from current events or keywords that are too timely.

The magic behind choosing the proper keywords should be left to a team of professionals. For you boutique business or resturant SEO contact LaVon Gittens at NoV’al Publishing today!



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