Simplifying your the Social Media with One Free an Easy Tool

Connecting Social Media To Your Website 

It is obvious that social media tools are important in promoting your business. For restaurant marketing tools such as Instagram are invaluable.  However, these tools can be very difficult to keep up with. Many companies are handing over their social media account to internet marketing agencies so that they can focus on their business’ success.


We all know that social media has changed the world in terms of communication and advertising. Free tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram gives many companies a way to interact with their customers in a way they never could before. The connects made through social media creates lasting impressions, but knowing when, where, what, and how to post can be mind-boggling and time consuming.

You’re busy, we understand. TripAdvisor reported that half of UK restaurants spend less than 10% of their time marketing but 80% wished they could do more to promote their business.

Time is money. As the owner of a small business or restaurant, you may not have the time required to dedicate to your SEO. However, in order to succeed, your online presence needs to be strong! After all, how will anyone know to what specials your restaurant is famous for if you don’t promote yourself? With so many different forms of social media, there an easy way to tie them all together.

Try Using IFTTT?

IFTTT means “If this then that.”

In  2010, this web-based service is basically the “swiss army knife” of social media. IFTTT uses applets to combine all of your social media accounts. Applets are set into motion when you update your website or make any new post. They send messages to all of your social media accounts all at once so you don’t have to go through them one by one.  

How to use IFTTT

Using this free service is more simple than you think.

  1. Sign up for a free account on the IFTTT webpage
  2. Click On “My Applet”
  3. Select the orange RSS Freed button
  4. Click the accounts you want to attach

Triggers refer to the “this” part of IFTTT. It is the beginning step that alerts your program so choose wisely how you would like your social media accounts to post. 

Don’t feel weighted down by the amount of work social media takes. It is a job within its own. Hire LaVon Gittens at NoV’al Publishing to hand all of your business and restaurant SEO in Los Angeles.


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