Top 3 Industries that will Benefit from SEO in 2019

The old saying, “If you build it, they will come” may have been a formidable marketing strategy in 1989 but nowadays competition is thicker and internet-ranking realtors are craftier, more aggressive and are finding newer, faster methods of reaching potential clients. Digital Marketing is an ever-changing ocean of unpredictable trends and instant transformation. Instead of fighting to keep up with the tide most business owners are considering hiring a Los Angeles based SEO professional to help their business make more money.

Increase Website Traffic (and Sales!) with SEO

As a Goliath in the search engine world, Google has the reputation of getting their clients relevant information as quickly as possible. In fact, only 25% of web surfers travel to the second page when researching– which means your site may never be seen. To increase the traffic to your website and generate more sales business owners are looking for that online visibility.

Los Angeles SEO

The SERP ( Search Engine Results Page) ranks your business’s website with a secret, complex algorithm that measures keywords, inbound and outbound links, and the quality of your content. SEO is the marketing technique that follows these digital patterns and can get your website seen.

There is no argument that the internet is a powerful marketing tool and as technology advances, digital strategies only get stronger. Due to fierce competition, innovative websites and clickbaity articles are no longer enough. In 2019, SEO will play a vital role in many industries that include:

  • Restaurants
  • Artists
  • Non-profits

#1. New Restaurants Need To Be Found 

You may have heard that 90% of restaurants fail within the first year, but a recent Forbes study revealed the number to be closer to 17%. A large part of this failure is due to a lack of SEO.

restaurant seo los angeles

You could have the best cuisine in the world, but if your restaurant doesn’t rank on Google no one will discover your irresistible delights. The first options that show up when Googling “restaurant near me” are some of the most coveted spots on the internet as people are more impatient when hungry.

Restaurants like Brooklyn’s Rustik Tavern and Hollywood’s Vivo have both benefitted from a strong online presence.

If your eatery is not one of the first 3 searches that show up, you are likely to lose business. Tip the balance in your scale by hiring a qualified professional who can ensure more traffic to your website and more awareness to your business.

Your clients need to find you! While phonebooks have become obsolete, Google is the best way to get your restaurant’s information straight to your targeted customer. In addition to enticing websites, restaurants are now focusing on blogging services. These services tend to be affordable, earning restaurants a

desired ROI (return on investment) by converting web surfers into customers from the get-go.

Google and other search engines are always searching for timely content. An active blog for restaurant food keeps the information on their websites current. It is imperative when writing a blog to incorporate relevant keywords and content strategy to attract your target audience and keep them engaged.

SEO for Resturants

Importance of Keyword Phrases

Great content will be relevant and timely, but also will contain keywords and phrases that will alert Google to the main idea of the page, thus allowing it to correctly index it in its catalog of websites—based on the subject matter addressed. These triggering phrases are commonly searched terms that help search engines categorize webpages. When writing content be sure to use these words to narrow your market and target the right flow of traffic to your website.

Content on a restaurant’s website must not only be relevant but use specific keywords related to the restaurant. Keywords trigger search engines to the information on your website and helps them rank your content accordingly. Information on your website should be displayed in compelling and engaging ways while being easy to read and interact with.

Benefits of Engaging material

  • Recycled Material. Wellness centers do a lot of good work and are now showing it off. The use of previous material is a promotional reminder and documents the progress of projects.  
  • Consumer loyalty. Engaging material always tells a story. Build suspense for new products and display results to keep clients interested in your services.

Historically, many restaurants found regulars based on referrals and on word of mouth. Though gossipy locals generate traffic, restaurant SEO is really the ideal way to attract new patrons.

#2. Production / Entertainment Agencies Need an Edge Need an Edge

Everyone turns to Google when as their source of information and entertainment. Due to the creative geniuses behind these marketing campaigns, it could be difficult cutting through the thick competition. Production companies and artists need as much exposure as possible to gain a competitive edge.

entertainment SEO

With so many ambitious agents cluttering the market, promoters and markets rely on special SEO to draw attention to their businesses. Entertainers and agencies do not have to waste thousands of dollars on pay-per-click advertisements or Google AdWords—rather, marketing geniuses stay up to date with current trends and develop custom marketing plans that will fit the teams business goals and budget. 

A significant part of a successful SEO strategy is reliable content. As one of the world’s fastest news sources, the internet can be filled rumors and false information. Factual and reliable content will set you apart from the crowd. Many artists are maximizing their visibility online by providing credible information on a reliable publishing schedule. Online videos have become increasingly popular for entertainment agencies as they convey information simply with visual examples.

An online video can:

  • Increase authoritativeness. Your potential users want to know who you are! A strong video presence shows viewers that the law firm concentrates in the given legal arena.
  • Have an emotional impact. Visual representations connect better with audiences and help them identify better with your message.
  • Cheap distribution. Online videos are affordable and are practically free to distribute. Not to mention, the potential reach is infinite.

#3. Non-Profits 

non-profit SEO

Most non-profits fail due to a lack of donations. In this day and age, people are less likely to give to a company that they’ve never heard of or seen. In the past, many organizations have resorted to aggressive street tactics and relentless salesmen but forget about their only employee that works 24/7. Your website is your greatest salesman. SEO for nonprofits is a great way to increase business potential because it reaches out to targeted clients who may not go out of their way to look for a worthy cause to donate to. To make the process less intimidating, many 501c3’s are upgrading their websites to more user-friendly interfaces.

Website Development for Non-Profits

An important aspect of SEO to consider is website development. In its ranking algorithms, Google and other popular search engines measure the amount of time a user spends on each page. This helps Google understand how important the information on your site is, and how valuable it is to users, and in turn—how it should be ranked on the results page.

Increase the time that users are on your page by carefully examining the following points:

  • The Visual Hierarchy. Americans process the information on a computer screen the same way they would read a book. Website developers must use the visual hierarchy to place relevant information such as CTA’s (Calls to Action) where they will be most visible and compel the user to engage with your content.
  • Information is aesthetically presented. Content needs to be easily communicated and navigable, without the use of distracting patterns and clashing colors.
  • Navigation. Broken links, missing pages, and slow load times are also very important to Google, as users will get frustrated and travel elsewhere for the information they need.  

NonProfit Website Design

Non-profits depend on their website to connect with their viewers, give them relevant information and get them to donate.  When designing websites, nonprofits benefit from:

  1. Increasing efficiency. Allowing guests access to information and a quick way to donate.
  2. Protecting privacy. Providing spaces where inquiries can be answered online, through email or instant message
  3. Dismissing the giving phobia. Displaying images and videos that show why your business is needed.

Authoritative Links for Non-Profits

Undoubtedly, subject authority increases SEO, which is further supported by the use of links. There are two types of links worth noting:   

  • Outbound Links. These are links situated on your website and link out to another site. These types of links show that you’ve done your research, are linked to credible sources, and that your content can be trusted.
  • Inbound Links. When another website references your business it is a signal for Google that your site is an authoritative resource. Search engine spiders crawl the website for that information and ranks it accordingly.   

boost web traffic

SEO Trends 2019

Businesses are always looking for the next best thing. SEO is already strategic digital techniques that work together to boost a website’s visibility—and these trends constantly evolve. Be prepared for fluctuations in the industry by following the patterns of the past. 

A specialized marketing formula involves layers of complex strategies that blend together to promote your business. It takes time and energy to successfully follow through with a designated plan. Simply tossing money at Google Adwords, blogs, PPC, and bejeweled CSS will not move the needle unless your SEO is up to par. SEO concentrates on the proper use of keywords in content, innovative website developments, and authoritative backlinks.

It is predicted that in 2019, the economy will rise about 2.6%. With the increasing number of businesses rapidly competing for growth certain industries have focused on improving their internet marketing strategies to incorporate SEO driving tactics. While there is still a healthy amount of competition, these industries are getting a head of the game with innovative approaches on traditional concepts. Contact an SEO content specialist today for all of your SEO needs. 


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