5 Tips On How To Survive The Divine Apocalypse (Guide To The End Of The World)

Humans have always had an obsession with time- though it is boundless it always seems to be running out.

The End of Days has been a common theme in philosophy, religion, and literature since the beginning of them. For eons, cultures from all over the world have theorized on how the Earth will eventually perish.

What Is An Apocalypse?

Contrary to popular interpretation the term “apocalypse” doesn’t actually mean “the end of the world.”

An “apocalypse” is actually a Greek term referring to an unveiling or discovery of knowledge. The word soon became related to mass genocide and worldwide catastrophe as the Bible’s Book of Revelations popularized the idea that life as we know it– could come to a horrific haunt.

Listed below is a guide to understanding eschatology and possible ways to surviving Armageddon and The Divine Apocalypse:

1. Ditch Your Emotional Baggage And Live In A Moral Gray Area

When it comes to survival moral lines become blurred. You may have to leave faithful Fido to the zombies or eat him yourself in case of starvation… Just saying…

2. Gather Weaponry

You might consider yourself a moral person, but desperate people turn to desperate measures. In order to protect yourself, loved ones, and living necessities a decent arsenal from the nearest broom stick, kitchen knife, or Walmart… depending on the state.

3. Raid A Pharmacy

In the case of an apocalypse, convince stores and pharmacies are where you want to head to first- especially if you have health concerns.

Below is a short list of valuable items you should grab for yourself and can weigh heavily in bartering negotiations:

  1. Pain Killers
  2. Anti Biotics
  3. EpiPen
  4. Cigarettes
  5. Liquors
  6. Canned Food
  7. Bottled Water
  8. Radios
  9. Lighters
  10. Batteries
  11. Swiss Army Knives / Can Openers
  12. Knives In General

4. Secure A Safe Spot

Shelter is essential to life. Not only do you need to find a place where you can sleep safely, against possible predators and dangerous climates but also a spot where you can secure a cornucopia of living necessities.

5. Secure Travel

After all is said and done, if you have to go, you have to go. Whether it be by boat, car, or motorcycle be sure to have a quick way to escape and travel to safety.


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